This “half is wasted” quote, attributed to John Wanamaker, was in part the inspiration to set up Media Specialists in 2005. Through study (Stats 747 at Auckland university in 2014, and 5 other papers in Statistics for commerce and market research at Open Polytechnic and Auckland University from 2004 to 2009) and applying the techniques learned, I have acquired the skills needed to help answer the question posed by Mr Wanamaker. My goal is to help New Zealand business manage and improve marketing communications. That help can be as little as finding editorial features relevant to your business and as much as developing and interpreting a complex regression to explain and unravel variation in your weekly sales. I have 31 years (and counting) experience in the advertising media field, working with agencies in New Zealand, Sydney and London. My passion and interest in the field of marketing communications is undiminished with time. I am here to help you, in any way that my experience and common sense allows.

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